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Garage Door Maintenance

Every little step during our Brantford garage door maintenance service is important. After all, routine services are offered to prevent problems. So what we do at Garage Door Repair Brantford is check the condition of your door, take care of problems, and do what is required in order to make the door’s movement smooth. In order to do that we must do a very thorough garage door inspection to isolate the weaknesses of the system and possible problems with the parts. Our goal is to fix such issues before we take care of the door and lubricate its parts.Garage Door Maintenance Brantford

We lubricate, fix, and adjust garage door parts

If parts are not aligned or well lubricated, the door won’t move right. There will be noises and the door might not close properly. If we notice such problems, we do garage door troubleshooting to discover which parts cause the door to remain open or move slowly. Parts are affected by the weather in Brantford, Ontario, but also wear. Their fasteners might loosen up after months of daily use and some parts might start corroding. If we come across any particular, serious problems, which require the replacement of components, we inform the customer so that he will schedule the replacement of the damaged part. If there is no need for that, we just fix garage door components which might have fallen out of alignment or need other repair work.

Part of our job is to check the release cord, reverse system, and the balance of the door. We also check the settings of the opener and do the required garage door adjustment to ensure the door will close and open fully. Our pros can also adjust the springs and chain, tighten all bolts and screws, and lubricate the steel parts. Regularly maintenance lubrication is crucial for the longevity of parts and noise control. But we also clean the tracks, which easily get filthy, before oiling them. Our techs make sure the sensors are aligned and the electric system can protect you from accidents.

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