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Garage Door Track Repair

We are at your service to repair garage door tracks in Brantford, Ontario. Call us whether tracks are bent or misaligned. Get in touch with our expert repair company if you want to replace them. Do you want to replace both garage door tracks and rollers? Whatever you want to do, trust our service and fast response. Our techs go the extra mile to help customers with track related problems.Garage Door Tracks Brantford

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When garage door tracks are damaged or fall out of alignment, problems begin. The overhead door won’t be able to move and will most likely jam. If the problem is not very serious, you will only hear loud noises as the garage door rollers slide up and down. The noise is often caused by damaged rollers or non-lubricated tracks. In this case, the tracks might get damaged even more and eventually get rusty. Avoid such problems by asking us to do any garage door tracks repair needed in time. We offer fast repairs but also maintenance.

  • Garage door tracks replacement
  • Rollers replacement
  • Track repairs
  • Lubrication and maintenance
  • Track alignment
  • Tracks and rollers installation

Our techs replace garage door rollers & tracks in a jiffy

We offer garage door roller replacement in Brantford as quickly as possible. When the rollers are damaged, rusty, or even broken, we can replace them. Our pros can install steel or nylon rollers. The important part of our job is to check whether the hinges are also damaged and so replace them too. We also check the condition of the tracks in case they need replacement as well. Our pros bring the right rollers and tracks when they replace them depending on door weight. Whichever service we provide, rest assured that our techs from Garage Door Repair Brantford respond promptly and arrive equipped for the requested service.

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Bent garage door tracks? When you deal with such trouble, get in touch with our techs right away. We come to fix tracks no matter what’s wrong with them. They might need alignment or fixing the bent sections. In either case, we take good care of the problem without omitting to check the adjacent parts to ensure the extension springs are in place, the rollers move right, and the door doesn’t bind or get jammed.

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